22. Juni 2010, / Produkte

In der Reihe „Supersmarte Sitzmöbel“: Zipfred

20 Lagen Pappe, ein bisschen Holz und Kabelbinder, fertig ist das supersmarte Stück. Hier spricht der Erfinder (Viktor Matic) selbst: „yes, it is made of cardboard – yes, those are cable ties – yes, that is the finished product. zipfred consists of 6 wooden elements and 20 layers of cardboard. held together only by the connected cable ties, each piece takes on its own individual character. a new undefined human personality needs in my mind objects that own a variable adjusting and transformable character – a new way of sitting. produced and distributed by nils holger moormann.developed at the faculty of design & art bozen-bolzano, ST 09/10.“